Vision, Mission & Objevtives


Becoming a World reputable Study Program in the field of Agronomy and impact on society



  1. Organizing quality and accountable education to meet the demands of stakeholders.
  2. Conducting research and community service for the development of environmentally friendly agricultural science and technology (green agriculture) and improving the competitiveness and welfare of business actors in agriculture.
  3. Develop cooperation with various institutions national and international.
  4. Building the image of agriculture / agribusiness as a superior and competitive sector .



The Agronomy Study Program has established a profile and formulated the competencies/program educational objective (PEO). The profiles of the graduates are researchers, educators/academics, managers and experts in the field of agriculture while the PEO are as follows:

  1. Able to develop knowledge, technology, and or art in their scientific field or professional practice through research, to produce innovative and tested works.
  2. Able to solve problems of science, technology, and or art in the field of science through an inter or multidisciplinary approach.
  3. Able to manage research and development that benefits to society and science, and able to gain national and international recognition